with great power comes a great electricity bill

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we’ve all got that weird pretty big secret that we don’t really hide but like we don’t flaunt it like “My brother died of cancer” or “I’m gay” or “I tried to kill myself last year” or anything really and when you find out somebody’s big plot twist you know you’re in this friendship for the long run


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ive always hated kids

"did you hate yourself when you were a kid"


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if you’re following me i’m just warning you that i don’t know where i’m going

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Nicki Minaj is an excellent and dynamic rapper, lyrically and stylistically, she’s topped charts in a male dominated space, she started from the absolute bottom and knows how to hustle and work her image, I don’t care whether you care for her style of music or not but if you dismiss her as a trash artist I’m gonna heavily side eye you

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it’s approaching fall which means it’s almost “leggings/scarves/snow/uggs/oversized sweaters/pumpkin spice lattes/wanting a boy to cuddle with” season which means it’s also almost “complain about teenage girls and the things they like to do in the fall” season and I want y’all to know I am Not Here For That and I will defend teenage girls forever

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the gays are growing more powerful than i could have imagined 

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what the fuck kind of fantasy world does Sheen live in

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the turkey swiss on rye incident

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